We love beer. It's about as simple as that.


Dave Martorana


Software engineer. Bald. Beautiful.


Johnny Bilotta


Gentleman pixel deviant. General deviant.


Joe Cairns


Producer of code. Producer of beer. Producer of LOVE.


Alex Hillman

Business manger.

Dangerously awesome. Business end of your face.


Vince Bilotta


Video beautiful. Inside beautiful. Face beautiful. Brother... meh.

Episodes and Specials

Most of what you will see is episodes – Johnny and I reviewing beer, talking about the brewery, the style and its heritage, etc. Sometimes, we’ll have special shows – we call them “TGOB Specials” – and they can vary from interviews to covering beer events such as Oktoberfest.


Two Guys On Beer will release a new episode every DAY. (Things have changed!)  Each episode moving forward will be quick – around 4 minutes – and review a single beer. This way, you get to see a new beer daily!  We film on Thursdays, most often at National Mechanics in Old City, Philadelphia, at approximately 3pm.  Come out an join us!

You can also join our show live online! TGOB Live! is a way for our fans across the world to join us during tapings. We’ll announce when we’re going live on our Twitter page – make sure to follow us on Twitter (@tgob) for the latest!

We hope you enjoy Two Guys On Beer!!