Episode 166 – Dark Lord (2010 vintage)

The Darklord Russian Imperial Stout from the Three Floyds Brewing company in Munster Indiana is by many considered to be one of (if not the) best beer in the world. It’s a big one at 15% ABV and is storied – available only one day a year it’s a treat for sure. This episode is a little long but worth the explanation about the flavor nose and profile that makes this one of Dave’s all-time favorite beers and impresses Johnny a whole lot too.

  • Chris

    Glad you liked it

  • Idholmes13

    So what would be the “best beer in the world” that you mention in the intro? I hope to be in Indiana in April some day to be able to get this beer.

  • castello

    They don’t have time to answer questions

  • dh4645

    yeah, what’s the “best beer”?

  • Really?

  • TheĀ Trappist Westvleteren 12 is often considered “The Best Beer” in the world. You can check out a bit more info here:


  • castello

    6 days later. Hard to have a one way conversation.