A TGOB Tribute to Bruce Nichols

Bruce Nichols a fixture of the Philadelphia beer scene for decades and one of the people instrumental in bringing Philly Beer Week to fruition passed away recently. Carolyn Smagalski long time beer lover and writer in the Philly area has a nice write-up on Bruce as does the Philly Beer Week website.


Further Tom Peters one of Bruce’s long-time friends left a beautiful message about Bruce. It has since been removed from the Monk’s Cafe website but was captured by Bryan Kolesar over at The Brew Lounge:


We tip our glasses to Bruce Nichols – a champion of beer especially in Philadelphia. His legacy will long be felt throughout Philadelphia and the world.


  • Trevor from KY

    hey guys, nice tribute video. sounds like mr nichols was a very influential man up in philly. hope to see some new beer reviews from you two soon…

    dave, i tried to contact you via e-mail a few weeks ago. you were nice enough to e-mail me with some pointers a little while back, and i just wanted to let you know that ive tried some of your suggestions, and im making good progress. im going to try to get my hands on some of that innis and gunn as soon as possible.

    anyway, good to see a new video up. hope to see you guys again soon.