Episode 156 – Magic Hat Vinyl Lager

Our first Magic Hat review (yeah, our first!) is a great American Amber / Red Lager known as the Vinyl Lager. It’s got a nice malt tone, dark hues, and decent roasted malt nose. This beer is in no way over-hopped, which it could have been. It’s smooth, although the flavor dissipates a bit at the end. This is a fantastic session beer we both enjoyed.

  • Dr Strangelove

    Amazing how you guys take one sip and make a judgement. I was drinking a Dogfish 90 minute the other day. After the first few sips you just notice the alcohol and hop punch to the face. Then about half way thru the bottle I picked up on the sweeter complexities that slowly, and subtly, gave me an erection. So, do you guys really drink a six pack of these beers before the show, or this this really your first impression?

  • http://twitter.com/themartorana Dave Martorana

    Na, this is all first-impressions. We control the circumstances a little – we know about what temperature the style of beer should be served at (or, if the brewer recommends something different, what they recommend) and try it at that temperature, always pour it in to a glass to get as much floral content as possible, etc., and we've been doing this for a while…

    But that all said, there is certainly beer that changes over time as it warms, cools, etc. We're a first-reaction show for sure.

  • http://twitter.com/dh4645 David Harvath

    I had that in the spring…bought the magic hat variety pack. Vinyl is OK. I like #9, Lucky Kat and Howl.
    Wacko kinda sucks