Episode 154 – Voodoo PILZILLA

The PILZILLA – Voodoo Brewing Company’s “Keller Bier” – is a pretty rare, unique, unfiltered and unpasteurized style of lager that originated in Germany. Voodoo’s distribution is not huge and they’re still a relatively small organization, but they’re growing. Interestingly, the PILZILLA continues to grow with the company – each year they’ve brewed the PILZILLA, they’ve added one more hop, and bumped the ABV. Will that trend continue?? We’ll have to wait and see 🙂 That said, this scores high marks from us. Fantastic lager, hands down.

  • castello

    Welcome back. I meant where the hell you been for the last six weeks?

  • DK

    Glad to see you got cameras again! Who ever stole your gear will be going to a place with no beer… maybe only skunky warm coors lite

  • dh4645

    this reminds me…i gotta get to wegmans to get a few more 6-packs to try. then i'll be getting my sam adams octoberfest keg for a party.

  • Oh, hehe… our cameras were stolen, so we've been recovering from that.

  • Now that's some funny stuff.

  • castello

    Sorry to hear about the cameras. Did you post that somewhere?

  • Yeah on Facebook and Twitter – we've been meaning to code our site to allow for text-based posts for this kind of stuff… haven't gotten around to it yet…

  • Keller bier, its all about the bunghole, in that they leave it open during fermentation..

  • Great review, this sounds like a lovely beer.