Episode 147 – Hopus Ale

We dig back in to the archives a bit to bring you a few episodes from this winter that never aired. This beer, the Lefèbvre Brewery’s Hopus Ale (from Belgium) is a Belgian IPA – a still-emerging style from Belgium that promises some awesome flavors. Mainly American hops mixed with classic Belgian yeasts make for whole new classes of flavors in beer – and the Hopus Ale gives us great hope for this very young style of beer.

  • Ken

    I know they don't get too far out of NYC, but Sixpoint (Brooklyn, NY) has done a Belgian IPA and Double Belgian IPA. Both absolutely delicious.

  • We'll keep our eye out!

  • John

    I was just in Belgium and had this. They insisted on serving the beer in its own glass, of course nothing special there, but they also insisted on pouring the last gulp (what with all the sediment) into its own special Hopus shot glass.

  • Now that's just awesome 🙂