Episode 146 – Goose Island Pere Jacques

Our recent supplier of great beers – Chris Quinn out of Chicago – sent us this Belgian Dubbel (double) a little while back. The Goose Island Beer Co., out of Chicago, IL, makes this “Pere Jacques” – a spicy beer that could definitely take to aging very well. We both loved it, but saw even more potential a year or two in to the cellar, where it would soften up a little and allow the underlying vanilla notes to really come out. Our love again to Chris, thanks for another great beer!

  • It's pronounced “Pear” Jacque. Johnny got it right the last time he mentioned it. Also, it is in fact an homage beer, although not to John Hall, but to Pere Jacques, a Belgian monk who was known for giving refuge to those in need. While in Belgium, the Hall's were given extraordinary levels of hospitality from a certain monk, whom they honor with this beer.

  • Well there you go people!