Episode 138 – Newcastle Brown

We visit (or, revisit, but this time with you) Newcastle Brown Ale, a well known beer with a massive distribution area. For a brown ale, it’s not bad. Nothing to write home about, but much better than other beers that adorn some of the cooler shelves at local beer stores.

  • castello

    Hey, thanks for doing some beers I can and have actually drunken. Also thanks for the link to the movie, Beer Wars! Great documenary! I knew there was some of that stuff going on, but how ruthless is buttwiper? They probly even own Newcastle by now.?
    Good show! Newcastle is good about twice a year but the underlying sweetness just turns me off a little. Maybe better with food or rotated with a more bitter or hoppy IPA.

  • http://davemartorana.com Dave Martorana

    Yeah we like Beer Wars. Love the new avatar! :)

  • listenatjoes

    No assessment of Newcastle Brown Ale is complete without mentioning the fabled “Newkie Brun” ward.
    “There is an urban myth that Newcastle General hospital has a ' Broon ward' where those suffering ill-effects of too many nights on the bottle are treated. The brewery is said to give generously to it.”

  • http://davemartorana.com Dave Martorana

    Now THAT's a great story :)