Episode 135 – Boddingtons Pub Ale

Boddingtons, originally started in 1778 by two grain traders was purchased by Boddington, a traveling brewer, in the 1850s. It continued to be family owned until 1989, at which point it started its conglomerate journey to where it now exists as an AB InBev beer. That said, this is a nitrogen-infused English Pale Ale that isn’t ground-breaking in flavor, but is crazy smooth and quite a session beer.

  • This is a beer I used to drink back in the 90's in Toronto pubs. Loved it at the time. I have seen it here in Michigan in one party store, but have avoided it because I don't fancy beer in a can to begin with – so why ruin the memory, not to mention money, on a premium but canned beer. I can't see how it could be true to the taste out of the tap…

    That said, this review sure made me thirsty for it, and I should go pick some up. It would cost me $200 to put in my kegerator (half barrel), and I did not know it used nitrogen (thanks). If ever the day came when I tap one, is C02 out of the question for this beer? Or is nitrogen readily available?


  • Hi Hudson! First off, your avatar/icon is f-ing awesome!

    Nitrogen is readily available. There are several beers I've tried both carbonated and nitrogenated, and while I can say that the beer wasn't ruined, they're totally different experiences.

    That said, I don't think the pub can is all that bad, but that's just a personal opinion.