Episode 134 – Great Lakes Barrel Aged Blackout Stout

We’re back at McGillin’s Old Ale House, celebrating their 150th anniversary! To make things sweeter, we’re bringing you one of our all-time favorite beers. Pat Conway from Great Lakes Brewing Company was once again incredibly kind, and found and sent us a big bottle of their Barrel Aged Blackout Stout. 9% ABV, brewed and then aged in Jim Beam barrels, it’s an incredibly complex Russian Imperial Stout that’s very hard to get – but VERY worth the hunt. If you’ve had it, leave us a comment and let us know what you thought.

  • Chris

    My god Johnny, spilling that beer. That's alcohol abuse…

  • johnnynines

    I know! There is no excuse! I will pay penance to the beer gods by drinking more.

    That is what you do right? When you mess up? Drink…right?

  • Chris

    I would've just sucked up the spilled beer then and there….

  • So jealous you guys got your hands on this. I just had the regular blackout stout which is already amazing on its own, can't imagine how good it is barrel aged.

    Love your site and the design/layout of it. Check out my site if you guys get time!

  • phillybeersnob

    You guys should do the Yeti in comparison to this guy. Also a fantastic RIS. Cheers guys!

  • There are so many great RIS beers out there! Yeah, we've gotta try the Yeti. Have a special RIS episode coming soon…

  • It took us a long time of doing this show to get that beer 😉 That and a whole lotta luck. Thanks for the compliments re: site design, that's all Johnny!