Episode 133 – Stone Pale Ale

These next few episodes were filmed at McGillin’s Old Ale House, now celebrating their 150th anniversary. Today we look at Stone Brewing Company’s Pale Ale, their flagship beer, first released in June of 1996. It turns out their pale ale is not a hop-bomb, (something we often accuse Stone of being, especially being a west coast brewery) but is instead a nice, well balanced beer. It’s still west-coast style (so yes, hoppy), but it has a nice intro and a great finish, and you should definitely try it out.

  • Trevor from KY

    Hey guys, I haven’t posted anything on here in a while, but I just recently tried Stone’s Ruination IPA. Wow, they really got the name right on that one. Stone is a beer that I’ve heard many good things about, and I plan on trying other beers from them. You guys seemed to enjoy this beer in particular. Any other suggestions? Thanks…