Episode 087 – Efes Pilsner

Our first beer from Turkey! Efes is the largest beer brand in Turkey, with about an 82% market share. Although originally a national brand, Efes is now owned by the international Efes Beverage Group, who are responsible for distributing Coke in Turkey, and contract-brewing other brands, such as Warsteiner, for the region.

Efes Pilsner, an “American Adjunct Lager” style beer made partially with rice (which usually elicits low ratings from both of us) scores in the mid-80s – not bad for a mass-produced adjunct lager.

  • castello

    Good show. I saw the last 2 today on the ustream thang. It was great to see it live, and actually get some feedback live. sorry if I was posting a little much but I really wanted to get your attention. I did! The audio was kind of garbled on the live thang.

  • castello

    You must be getting hundred or thousands of emails. Only one comment. I thought we were building an empire or a brand here. Where is the interaction? Don’t make me twitter. I’ve tried it and they didn’t make it easy enough for me to tweet your ass.
    Is anybody there?
    Are you out celebrating without your blueberry or your peapod?
    Have I pissed you off already or you don’t want comments.