Episode 085 – Quilmes Cerveza

An adjunct, mass produced lager from Argentina, Quilmes began with a German immigrant in 1888, and is now the largest and most popular beer in Argentina, even supporting the national football (soccer) team.

Even though they’re now internationally owned – 91% by AB-InBev – and it’s a mass-produced “American Adjunct Lager,” based on the style, this beer does ok.

  • castello

    Adjunct? Maybe you described what that is and I missed it but I had to wiki it. Good show. Some of the south American beers are pretty unique. One I can remember is Cusco. Try it.

  • http://www.davemartorana.com Dave Martorana

    @castello – “Adjunct” means the malt is cut with a cereal grain, most commonly rice. Bud, Miller, etc., are adjunct lagers. Some will tell you it’s for the light flavor it lends. I’ll tell you that it’s because rice is much much cheaper than barley. This has unfortunately led to the term “All Malt” on some beers, which is their indication to you that their lager is indeed 100% barley (or barley/wheat) and is not cut with a cutting agent like rice.

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