Episode 083 – Beer Chips, Yebisu Beer Jelly

After what seems like 82+ shows talking about beer, we hop off the beaten trail for just a minute to talk about some food made with beer. We’re not talking about home-cooked, however. We’re talking about processed food containing beer – and man is it interesting!

We take a look at Beer Chips – potato chips made with beer, that really don’t impress that much. But it’s the Yebisu Beer Jelly – basically beer Jello – that really shocks us, because, well, it’s REALLY good!

  • reed

    Never let it be said that you gave a mediocre outcome a pass!

  • Jessica

    You’re welcome fellas! Glad you liked it :)

  • Chris

    Yeah….. I got a bag of the beer chips for this past Christmas. I also didn’t taste the beer and was a bit disappointed. Damn marketing. Other than that, I did enjoy it as a chip.

  • castello

    Twitter this. Not into it yet. I think i can find the jello around here. I’m surrounded by Asian markets.