TGOB Special – Philly Beer Scene Magazine Launch Party

Philly Beer Scene magazine just took Philadelphia by storm, and turns out to be a really, really great magazine dedicated to the craft!

Serving the Delaware Valley in a 30 mile radius from City Hall in Philadelphia, or available by subscription to anywhere in the country – Johnny and Dave got to sit down with the four founders at their launch party and find out why they started the magazine, what they feel it means for Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, and what really drives them. It turns out Mat, Scott, Neil, and John are great guys, and that can only lead to good things. Check out the website at and definitely give the video a watch!

  • Print? Seriously? Good luck with a magazine launch, but I doubt we’ll be talking about any anniversary parties.

  • castello

    Great editing and stuff, bouncing around like that. I’ll look them up.

  • Mark_it_8_dude

    Love the idea of being able to search for where a specific beer is served. The idea makes you say, “Finally somebody's doing this!” Hope they're successful.