Episode 081 – Uinta Anglers Pale Ale, Stoudt’s Fat Dog Stout

NOTE: Be sure to stick around after the credits for some blooper fun!

Yet again, we find ourselves somehow intertwined with Uinta Brewing Company out of Utah, who have yet to disappoint us. This time we try out their Anglers Pale Ale, a gentle ale that’s not too hoppy. Once again, it gets good scores.

Next we tackle Stoudt’s Fat Dog from one of Johnny’s favorite breweries. The Fat Dog is an American Imperial Stout, or an Imperial Oatmeal Stout, etc. The big bottle with the champagne cork definitely caused us some issues, but after we got passed that, we got to try a fantastic beer that also scored nice and high!

Be sure to stick around after the credits to watch us struggle with the cork 🙂

The outtakes, on their own, in case you don’t want to watch all the way to the end 😉

Show Notes

Uinta Angler’s Pale Ale

ABV: 5.8%
Brewery: Uinta Brewing Company Salt Lake City, UT.
Johnny’s Rating:90
Dave’s Rating: 86

Stoudts Fat Dog

Brewer: Stoudts Brewing Company, Adamstown, PA
Johnny’s Rating:92
Dave’s Rating: 90

  • castello

    I’ve had that happen with a bottle of buubly. When you’re trying to impress a lady it’s bad news. Good show!