Episode 075 – Kirin Ichiban, Sapporo Reserve

A freshly-shaven Johnny and an always shaven Dave head east to try a couple of mass-production lagers from Japan. The two beers have an odd, intertwining past, and dealings with other well-known brewing conglomerates to create a bizarre web of ownership, contract brewing, and shared pasts. That said, they turn out to be exactly what you would expect – light on flavor and profile, sitting nicely in the mass-production-lager niche that Bud and Miller have come to define.

  • Our Memorial Day beer trade featured beers from the Axis Powers and puppet states. Both beers were acceptable and definitely fall into the lighter lager rice realm. Nice shave.

  • Chris

    Woah! Haven’t watched the episode yet, but I already miss the beard/stache!

  • Joe

    Kirin, Asahi and Sapporo and their derivatives are found everywhere in Japan and are unoffensive, refreshing and forgettable. Microbreweries were only legalized in 1994, so craft beer culture is still just budding. Nearly all restaurants serve beer – just one of the above major brands. When it comes to craft brewing, sake is king in Japan and has been intertwined with the country’s cuisine for hundreds of years.

  • castello

    Yep. The big Japanese beers are meh. Stella, to me has much more going for it than Heineken. At least the Heinken we get here.

  • thomaswii4life

    I'm an american man, just give a bud lite and im good